Home improvements

You won’t need our permission to decorate or make simple repairs, but you will for anything more complicated.

If you have a secure or assured tenancy, you can make improvements to your home. This could be:

  • changes to your kitchen
  • putting a shower over your bath
  • or putting up new light fittings.


Going ahead with improvements

Please get our written permission and any official permission you need from the council first. We might need to set some conditions about the improvements.

Who pays for home improvements?

If you want to make any home improvements, you’ll need to pay for them. If you move out of a home you’ve improved, we may offer you some compensation. We will take a number of factors into account like:

  • how much the improvements cost
  • how long they’ll last
  • if you followed any conditions set out.

If you owe us any money when you move out, we’ll deduct this from the compensation.

Aids and adaptations

If you need to make changes to your home so you can live more independently, we want to help as much as we can.

This might mean adapting your current home, or helping you move somewhere more suitable.

Making adaptations to your home

We’ll consider small and large jobs – from fitting grab rails to adding a walk-in shower. Larger requests may take longer to fulfil, but we do consider every request.

We have a budget that we can use for adaptations. Or you may be able to claim a Disabled Facilities Grant from your local council. They’ll send an occupational therapist to your home to find out what you need.

Please contact us if you want to talk about making adaptations to your home.